Gas Powered Unit

Gas Unit

Our Five Star Gas Powered Wireline Unit comes standard with 15,000' of 0.092" wire, 24hp Honda Motor, and a Rack Arm & Counter Assy. We can also put 20,000' of .082" wire, or 11,500' of .108" wire. The Gas Powered Wireline can be mounted to a truck or trailer.

The Five Star Rig and Supply Retriever is a high quality wireline machine that has been sold not only in the USA, but also in other countries.  The Retriever is very well respected among drilling contractors.  The Retriever is capable of holding 15,000' of .092 wire.  The Retriever comes with a lifting eye to make it easier to move on the rig floor, and comes complete with a rack arm and counter assembly.  


Line Capacities:     .085" x 20,000'

                                 .092" x 15,000'

                                 .108" x 11,500'

Dimensions:   48"W x 52"D x 36"T

Weight:  2000#

Standard Package:

  • Drum, Carbon Steel, Grade 1018; Fabricated, welded and machined
  • Manual Break System
  • Control positioned for operator efficiency and safety
  • Sheet steel guards, panels, and drip pan for operator and environmental protection
  • Centerpoint Lifting Eye
  • Hand crank for rig up and rig down
  • Quallity and Compliances Certifications
  • Offshore coating or high gloss urethane
  • Depth measuring meter, Footage or Metric
  • Dual spring-balanced rack arm for mounting the measuring meter


Hydraulic Assembly: open loop, 2,000psi w/p

Drive Assembly: Direct Drive with Dog Clutch

Power: 24hp Honda Gas Engine

Break Assembly: Manual, Lever Action, Break Bands


Availability: Stock - 2 wks

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